#MeThree rising

My personal story

Three days after mom passed, I learned of the existence of a dark secret which she had kept to herself. Few people knew back then, and fewer people know now, about what really happened. And those who have some knowledge of it claim that the passage of time has muddled its secrecy, making irrelevant the ‘truth’. The details about my origin, my lineage, my roots were hushed at first among mom’s network of female friends in rural Tainan (in Taiwan); then eventually lost in the shuffles of the Lin family narratives.

I felt a moment of #MeToo. An intense anger arose in me as if I’ve been wronged, not only by the sexual offense in whatever form it occurred for mom (which produced me), but also in the silencing of it due to mom’s deep shame and pain surrounding this secretive relationship (an unknown, now unknowable). But my anger gave way to a more innate understanding of mom’s deeper suffering. I was born into mom’s sorrows, and raised in the shadows of her tormented womanhood. In exchange for the silence she kept, the Lin family supported her from afar, and the traditional society turned its critical eye for several decades.


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