moments in time

philosophical perspective

Maybe it’s not about the ‘moment’, but the moments before and after. What happened before the moment that is overshadowed by the moment itself, and what happened afterwards that we overlook because the sensation of the moment remains strongly felt.

Maybe it’s about our state of emotion before entering that moment, and our state of mind when exiting that moment. If so, that moment holds for us the potential for transformative learning. What happened in the moment becomes relevant. Thus, experience—what we feel—in the moment is critical.

The motto of “live it up” feels somewhat hedonistic. The urging that “there is only the present moment” invites only more reticence. For me, “living in the moment, and experiencing each moment to its fullest” gives me the most meaningful connection to moments in time.


This is a personal search into living life in ways that are meaningful to me. I have yet to articulate what are my values, which is part of the living theory work that I am undertaking with Jackie's guidance.

perspective I: live and let live!

perspective II: living between constancy and fluidity

perspective III: the moments between

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