from this moment on

I am thinking of you right now, and thoughts of you will always fill me

Like air in every breath that I draw, like water in every drop that washes me

Thoughts of you will nourish me, cleanse me, but also agitate me

Memories of anger and disappointment spill out of me

Feelings of neglect and resentment fill my soul

but the bittersweet love always returns

I am thinking of you, and I will always think of you

In life form, your silence seduced a world of untold mysteries

In spirit, your silence may release truths betwixt misunderstandings


when you return

Loving you now as a woman, I must give advice for your next life

In case you were too stubborn to learn the life lessons that we are all here to learn

First, ask for help ... it won't bruise for long, a little helping goes a long way

May I remind you that you have done two to three life times of suffering

It's enough, your next body deserves better

Second, love yourself enough to live a lot ... this isn't as painful as you feel

Look in the purse of abundance, everything you need is there

And if something is missing, I trust you will know how to get it

Third, get yourself free of treachery ... sooner rather than later

Got you a get-away, you need not of parental approval, family support, or a lover's caress

Spread your wings with complete confidence and assurance of self-love

You are loved before me, with me, and beyond me.


Free yourself to love yourself

Love yourself enough to give to yourself

And when in need, ask for help; in turn

You will be able to give and receive another's love


when we meet again

I wish for you to not fall prey to the coercion of life's harsh choices and manipulative ways

But to dance with a zest for living through the vibrant seasons ... we shall be partners!

Upon the spring innocent earth - we shall walk and talk to our heart's content

     Sharing secrets untold and hopes not yet divulged

Surrounded by the sultry summer heat - the sweat on our brows shall relieve our woes

     Shedding burdens and guilt to lighten our hearts

Amidst the crispy fall air - our souls shall join and rejuvenate

     Shining joy and light into one another

Cradled in the gentle winter chill - we shall nestle in comfort side by side

     Stoking the fires of dream, hope, and courage together


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