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Amy Lin Smith

July 19, 1933 - October 10, 2018

November 8, 2018

Inurnment Service at Haven of Rest Memorial Park

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letters to keep you company

in this life

You are my one and only mom who never abandoned me,

And I am your one and only daughter who wouldn't leave you on your own.

It wasn't easy to watch over you, but I was clever enough to find 'sisters' who could care for you,

keep you company, and help you heal your heart ... in ways that I could not.

I understand now how my mere existence is a reminder of your deepest sorrow and shame.

Yet, in every way that I have flourished as a woman, it reaffirms your dream, hope, and courage.

You have given me so much through self-sacrifice. I will continue to live by your teaching of inner

beauty beneath, and be reminded daily of your strength and will to rise above.

In times of emotional difficulties, you are every woman's model for fierce independence,

unapologetic rebellion, and raw smarts for survival.

I  am so proud of you as my mother, and I am so proud to be your daughter.

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Solomon Grundy verse

Sep 25 - Oct 1, 2018

Coral Cove

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Sep 25 - Oct 1, 2018


     Amy took a spill atop rug surface, head a near-miss on marble floor

     Afternoon visit by RN finds her left leg aswell from hip to toe


     MD issued forth an order for ultrasound, whilst RN urging call to 911

     By night fall, full-occlusive DVT is confirmed by ER physicians

     Mom is unmoved


     Amy refused treatment and took an insulin shot in exchange for a ride home

     Hoisted from one transport bed to another in linen sheets

     Her butt sores are aflare


    We nurse sores on top of open sores, turning a limp Amy this way and that

     It gets worse before getting better, or is this the beginning of the end


     Constipation sets in amidst incontinence, bodily decline outpacing the mind

     In between her labored breaths, I draw prayers of peace and strength


     Buddha grants release—Amy’s frail body rids itself of accumulated waste

     I am in turmoil about choosing comfort care over acute intervention


     Reflections of the daily miracle: I am surrounded by sisters/brothers in care 

     Amy is resting atop alternating pressure pad, floating in her air of tranquility

Will I rest, the moments between, until her hour of passing arrives?

Coral Cove