sweet orange marmalade

I have savory memories of slathering translucent jelly on lightly toasted bread, with miniature orange rind oozing out with each bite. It is among my favorite eats because it was mom’s favorite, and that was a time when I could remember mom’s laughter. In that happy memory, mom had dark, shoulder-length hair, styled like Jackie Onassis. She wore linen white peddle pushers and a simple bold-colored T-shirt, also in Jackie O’s signature style.

I remember it as a luxury, because I grew up on rice and cabbage served either dried or wet. There wasn’t much variety in our meals. Rice and seasonal vegetables with occasional pork slices, and usually more fat than meat—

these were the staples of our diets growing up.

Knowing how I was raised by a single mom makes me wonder how we even managed to have regular meals.


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